Monday, July 21, 2014

Feast Your Eyes On: Easy Veggie Bowls

 Veggie Bowls: A summer necessity that leaves you feeling fresh, vibrant, and energetic all day long. These bowls of goodness pack a nutritional punch- filled with fiber, protein, vitamins, and healthy fats, you'll be buzzing with veggie vibes ready to take on the day or try out a new workout. 

During the summer, I feel like having something cold, fresh, and crunchy, and these veggie bowls cure my daily summer cravings. And since they're extremely customizable, you can make one everyday and be surprised each time by the wonderful flavors and textures of pure, unadulterated vegetables. 
Also, make sure to buy local and/or organic whenever possible, or if, like me, you have a gorgeous veggie garden, use whatever you're growing and taste the difference! Most often, organic veggies taste the best, and since they aren't sprayed with pesticides, they're much better for you too!

Here are some of the interchangeable combos that you can make in less than 10 minutes (all of these recipes serve 1 person):

chickpea protein bowl 

1 large heart of romaine
1 large zucchini
3 medium carrots
as many cherry tomatoes as you'd like
1/3 of a large cucumber
1/2 - 1 cup of chickpeas

chop everything and place into a bowl, top with a mixture of tahini+lemon juice+fresh ginger or drown in fresh juice for something a little more tart. 

Spicy Kale and Capsicum Bowl 

1 large bunch of kale
cherry tomatoes
1 large red capsicum
1/2-1 avocado
1 cup of  sprouted green lentils

chop and place everything into a bowl and add top with freshly cut habanero chilis + lemon juice + a dash of pepper. 

Crunchy/Creamy Veggie Delight

1 large romaine heart
2 persian cucumbers
4 medium carrots
cherry tomatoes
2 baby red capsicums
1/2-1 large avocado

chop everything and place in a bowl. drizzle with olive oil + lemon + a dash of ginger juice. 

Deconstructed Sushi Bowl

1 large romaine heart
1 large zucchini
cherry tomatoes
lots of sno peas
3 julienned medium carrots
1 persian cucumber
1/2-1 large avocado

chop everything and place into a bowl. drown in coconut aminos + a dash of pepper + ginger juice. 

Post-Workout Everything Bowl 

140 g box of baby spinach
cherry tomatoes
3 medium carrots
1/3 large cucumber
large handful of broccoli sprouts
1 cup of sprouted green lentils
2 tb original hummus

chop + place everything into a bowl. drizzle generously with balsamic vinegar + olive oil + a dash of pepper. 

10 Seconds Flat Bowl 

1 large romaine heart
4 medium carrots
cherry tomatoes
1/2-1 cup of  sprouted green lentils
2-4 tb original hummus
2 tb hemp hearts

chop veggies + put into a bowl. drown in lemon juice + pepper.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


photo from Soul Cycle
Have you heard?
Malibu has a (relatively) new addition to its country mart mix of shops/coffee stops/restaurants.
Soul Cycle.
With their modern, minimalist branding and control over social media platforms, I figured I should give it a try. Besides, it's all the rage amongst fitness gurus and health bloggers, as Soul Cycle promises a full-body workout using cardio/strength training whilst having a blast. Too good to be true? We'll see.

I walked in this morning clumsily handing in my under-18-signed-by-my-parent-release form and i'll have to admit, it was a little embarrassing. I'm so tired of being underage.
Anyways, the staff was super sweet, chatting me up and helping me with all of my questions about spinning.
"Where should I sit? I've never done this before, i'm quite nervous! What if I can't keep up with the class? Should I have more experience?"- all of these thoughts were rushing through my head, because let's be honest here, it's kind of scary starting something entirely new. Especially something physical that could possibly lead to humiliation. Especially that.
So, one of the employees showed me how to use the bike and I felt a little bit more comfortable. I thought to myself, it can't be that hard!

So, I finally walk into the class and find myself in a dark room with tonnes of bikes lined up, almost squished together. Great. I'm going to be right next to all of these people and they'll be able to see how out of shape I am. I kind of had a mini heart attack. But that's ok, because I didn't run away- I stayed- for the whole class. And let me tell you, there was a point 15 minutes into the class where I honestly started to plot my escape. The music was so loud, so much sweat dripped from my face, and my legs couldn't keep up. I felt embarrassed by my lack of strength and endurance. But then something happened. I looked around the room and I saw different levels of fitness at each corner- those who seemed to go to 5 classes a day and were zooming through, and those who struggled immensely, much like I was. Those who struggled kept going though, despite not being the best of the best in the class.
So, I too kept going. Of course, I did stop at some points and my foot did slide out of my shoe at another point (at the moment, that was horrifying, but now I just find it funny that something like that would happen during my first class), and i'm almost 100% sure I didn't follow most of the instructions.

But I would go back!

The class itself felt like what I imagine death to be, but the after-effect was incredible. I was covered head-to-toe in sweat and I felt like a champion for continuing despite my never-ending escape-related thoughts. I felt energized and had a smile up to my ears. I even bought some of their apparel to wear to my next class :)
my post-soul cycle lunch consisted of a head of romaine lettuce, an avocado, a ton of sprouted lentils, capsicum, carrots, and baby kale all dressed in homegrown lemon :) 

And if I would do one thing differently, I would definitely eat wayyyyyy more breakfast, because man was I hungry for the rest of the day. I didn't realize how much energy something like that takes out of you! (but then again, exercising does mean you can eat more chocolate, hehe)

So, would I recommend this stressful and hellish class? yes. Most definitely. My physical and mental limits were tested during this 45-minute class and the feeling of accomplishing something so completely mentally draining and physically painful is truly exhilarating. If you have a soul cycle nearby, go first thing in the morning because you won't regret it.

And while you're suffering, just remember that your instructors have to do this 3 times a day, so stop feeling bad for yourself.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

What's in my bag: summer 2014

Hey there,
I figured, since it's summer, I should do a post on what I lug around with me on a daily basis. I'm usually out and about adventuring with my two friends, Kendyll and Zach, so I always have to be prepared- tubes of chapstick, notepads, pens, punch cards, and of course mt tape are always necessities when on the go. I also change my bag quite often, because let's be real, i'm not going to carry a white purse to the beach ;)
Today, all three of us went to Venice and Main Street in Santa Monica and dined at Urth Caffe (I got the cutest almond milk latte!) and walked around afterward- just being goofs and figuring that we can't afford anything, ha.
It's so wonderful to be a 16 year old in Los Angeles during the summer- basically freedom at its finest. Still young enough to have very little responsibility, yet old enough to go on road trips with friends and drive around until 1 in the morning. This summer has been complete and utter bliss thus far because of how spontaneous everything seems to be. I walk into each day without any idea of what is going to happen, and the feeling that comes along with that is so freeing.
What have you guys been doing this summer?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

recreate your wardrobe: summer 2014

1. céline sunglasses
2. céline tote bag
3. Arizona Birkenstock
4. CDG wallet 
5. black dress
6. Aesop hand balm

I've been thinking a lot about this blog lately, and I have come to the realization that I've grown quite a bit since the time I've started rambling here. I've changed dramatically- in every single possible way. I'm finding that my fashion sense has become simpler (and much more expensive hahaha), and i've been getting rid of clutter in my studio. Health has become a huge priority, and cooking a new passion. I have also fallen in love with coffee, especially pretty almond milk lattes. I've made new friends and have been exploring Los Angeles and watching movies and being a teenager. And to be honest, I feel like this blog doesn't really represent me anymore. But then I reminded myself that this blog is mine and I can do whatever I wish with it. It has brought me so much joy to connect with people from all around the world and to share my interests with you all, so I figured, why not continue to do that, but just add a few new things to the mix? Since I've developed a passion for yoga, health, vegan cooking, simplicity, and taking better photos, why not share that with all of you?
I can't be ashamed of my new interests- I need to embrace them!
So, with that, i've compiled some of my favorite things- all of which are on my wishlist, especially the céline bag, heheh :) Put everything together, and you get a complete outfit: simple, chic, and oh-so audrey hepburn, aka my style idol since I was 12.
next up is a review of one of my favorite cold-pressed juice brands in Los Angeles, as I attempted to do a juice cleanse today (lol).


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Best Agendas of 2014

Hello all!
2014 has been crazy and hectic and just so much work. There are not enough hours in a day, i swear. How can anyone get anything done? Being a second semester junior in high school, I find that things can just get out of hand- sports after school, tests coming out of nowhere, and homework assignments that seem to make no sense, let alone all of the SAT and college prep! I'm surprised that i'm still alive! 
The thing is, I've always been super organized when it comes to school, and for me, the ultimate organization relies on the type of planner you use, because essentially, to be organized, you kind of have to know what your day is going to be like a little bit in advance ;)
I have always been asked where I get my planners, and I thought i should compile my top 3 planners together- as I get a new one every year and boy have I been through many, many planners. These picks will keep you organized and oh-so stress free this year, as they're not only adorable, but extremely functional as well. 
frankie diary
I'm actually using this planner this year, and so far, I absolutely love it. The paper quality is perfect (a little thick and smells like heaven) and the illustrations inside are flowery and girly, with a handmade vibe that just makes you feel like you're writing down secret spells in a magic journal. But really, you're planning your next dentist appointment. There's no harm in dreaming :)
I would highly recommend this planner to a high school student, if you like to see an entire week spread out so you can plan effectively- those sneaky english reports won't surprise you with this planner.

I absolutely love this planner. However, I use it mostly as a diary rather than a planner. The pages go day by day, which is not optimal for students, because i generally find week by week planners to be more effective for school. It's great for those of you who find it easier to deal with things as each day comes, instead of looking at the week as a whole. I love using this planner for travelling and reminding myself of important appointments or things I have to do. highly recommended to anyone who has a  busty life- there's a ton of space to write and there are even times on the side panel of each day, which is always helpful :)

Mark's A5 planner 
Ok, so this brand is a gem. A pure gem when it comes to planners. The pocket in the front is more than useful when you're in a jam and need to keep all of your supplies in one spot- phone, credit card, pens/pencils... all in the front pocket of your planner. Who needs a wallet?
The inside pages are beautifully designed with a simple, yet extremely functional white background that makes it easy to plan out your days and your week. This planner goes by the week and has times on the side of each day panel, which, if you have meetings or classes at specific times, can be extremely handy and useful. I would definitely recommend if you're an on-the-go type of person and especially if you're a student. I've had this planner three times in the past and it never fails. This is my go-to agenda- it's just so functional.

2014 will be more organized than ever with these planners!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Little Holiday Gift Guide 2013


It's the time of the year again! Here are some cute gift ideas for this holiday season :)


Thursday, November 14, 2013

London and Paris in December & another website

Hello all!
I'm going on another adventure in december... to London and Paris! It will be my first time in London, so oh boy oh boy am I excited! The high tea, art museums, british accents, indian curry, old antiques, vintage clothing stores... and concept stores! As I was researching, I found a little website that compiles a whole bunch of super-cool concept stores all over the world, and there happens to be a lovely archive on london in particular. All I have to say after frolicking through the site is... OH MY GOODNESS. There are the most artsy, unique, and oh-so-hip shops in London- I can't believe I haven't been sooner!!! What is wrong with me??! Oh, and if any of you happen to live in London, or know of lovely places to visit, do leave a comment/ send me an email, as I want to compile as much information as I can possibly fit into my brain before going :)


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mr. Larkin

all images form mr larkin
Wow. I am actually the worst blogger. It's been months since i've blogged- and that, my friends, makes me incredibly sad :(
Fear not, fellow blog-lovers! I'm back, and I'm coming back with a great collaboration with one of my dear, talented friends. She is a marvelous photographer and film-maker, and I love her to death. We will be working on a project together, hopefully launching our very own channel on vimeo and creating some wonderful art. For now, I will just have to leave you with this suspense :)

So, I'm coming back with a new online find~ a lovely online shop that sells the most gorgeous clothing/jewelry items I have seen in a while. Talk about inspiring. I mean, this little shop convinces me that I actually need everything on the site. Hats off to the wonderful design team behind mr larkin ~ you guys have collected some beautiful pieces that will hopefully end up in my closet soon ;)
I have left you all some mouth-watering photos to stare at in the meantime; do pop on over if you're curious or have simply fallen in love with the few photos here. I have no idea how I find these places. Sometimes I stumble upon the most marvelous things. What a lucky duck I am!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Black Forest cake batter oatmeal

Here is the recipe for the fudgiest, most delectable bowl of oatmeal I have ever made. I could eat this every single day. 

Black Forest oatmeal

1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup almond milk (unsweetened vanilla) 
1tsp flax meal 
1/2 cup water
1tb raw cacao
16 cherries 
Sweetener to taste ( if you like your oatmeal super sweet, I recommend 1-2 tb coconut sugar) 
1-2 tb chocolate chips ( for a super rich chocolatey flavor)
1 tsp cacao nibs 

1. Cook your oats with the almond milk and water. When they're almost done, whisk in the flax meal. 
2. Keep cooking until thickened (approx. 3 minutes more, depending on how thick you like them) and whisk in the sweetener, cacao powder and optional chocolate chips until thoroughly combined).
4. Pour into a bowl and top with cherries, cacao nibs, and maybe even some extra chocolate chips :) 

Now, devour!